Intimate Workshops for Beginners to Advanced Practitioners

Come to my studio in Carlsbad, California and join fellow practitioners to explore the magic of the encaustic medium. If you’ve never worked in encaustic or you’re wanting to learn new techniques or jump-start your practice, my workshops are tailor-made for all levels. From encaustic printmaking, collage, employing multi-media to learning the basics, welcome to my studio.

The next workshop will be February 17-18, 2024.

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I offer individualized instruction in my airy, coastal studio. For dates and times, email me.

Encaustic Essentials: a Foundational Workshop

February 17-18, 2024. If you ever wanted to uncover the mystery and magic of encaustic, this foundational workshop is tailored specifically for you. In this two-day workshop, you’ll explore your creativity while learning about this most versatile medium.  

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Layering Encaustic Monotypes with Intuitive Mark Making

May 4-5, 2024. Learn how to create amazing prints without a press. Experience the joy and immediacy of pulling an encaustic monotype from a heated palette. You’ll draw with pigmented wax and incorporate spontaneous mark making that will ignite your creative and intuition. $395.

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Fusing Art + Wax: Encaustic Collage Master Class

July 20, 21, 2024. Traditional collage relies mainly on adhering paper to a surface using glue. However, encaustic collage elevates this art form by employing encaustic medium to fuse paper and occasionally three-dimensional assemblage objects. $425.

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